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Based in Papamoa Beach, Tauranga, Mockingbird Music Studios specialises in producing, recording, mixing, and mastering. We record in-house acoustic and vocal acts, and can mix stems recorded elsewhere, i.e. drum kits.

Have some rough stems? Mockingbird can polish your song into a professional mix. We mix everything "in the box" (digitally, on laptop), reproducing the modern sound that you need to stand out.

Have an idea for a song? We can help guide you through the arrangement and instrumentation, while providing lyrical and composition feedback. We also provide a range of additional in-house and outsourced instrumentation to bring your idea to life.

Tiny Studio, Big Sound


With experience recording and mixing hundreds of songs, Mockingbird Music Studios specialises in Folk, Rock, Trip Hop, Electronic, World Fusion, Celtic / Irish, and Singer/Songwriter. We pride ourselves in providing professional-level mixes and arrangements for a fraction of the price of the expensive studios. 



Melissa Cox began her audio engineering journey at the age of 15. "I cut my first album in my parents' basement using an old Mac computer, some pirated software, and a friend's condenser mic." It was then she realised that she loved recording and mixing just as much as songwriting and performing. "I was hooked. I loved making the sounds I heard in my head come to life."

Melissa is a graduate of the Produce Like a Pro Academy, led by esteemed audio engineer Warren Huart (Aerosmith, Howie Day, Better than Ezra). She co-produced her own albums alongside Marc Moss of Target Studios, who engineered David Bromberg's 2007 GRAMMY-nominated album Try Me One More Time.

After moving to New Zealand and becoming a mother, Melissa decided to launch Mockingbird Music Studios in Papamoa Beach, Tauranga, with a mission of providing professional level mixes at an affordable price. "Many musicians, especially young ones, cannot afford the huge hourly rates that many recording studios charge. It's my mission to help musicians reach their goals without breaking the bank."



Unlike traditional recording studios, Mockingbird mixes everything "in the box" (on a laptop, digitally). We record everything in our acoustically-treated, mixed-used studio. But don't let our size fool you: many big-name engineers these days mix "in the box" because it gives them flexibility, lightning-fast turnaround times, and lower overheads. This is how we are able to offer significantly lower rates compared to other studios, while pumping out great-sounding mixes for our clients.


DAW: Reason 12  ::  Pianoteq 6 Stage  ::  Focusrite Scarlett Interface  ::  Full suite of plugins

MICS include:   Lewitt LCT440 Pure  ::  audio technica AT2020  ::  Shure beta58  ::  Shure SM57


30th Anniversary Edition Taylor 6-string acoustic guitar  ::  Godin A8 Mandolin  ::  C and D Tin whistles  ::  Ukulele

Alesis V61 electronic MIDI keyboard  ::  Tukituki NZ-made cajon  ::  authentic piano, pre-piano & string sounds (Pianoteq)
Assorted hand percussion  ::  unlimited virtual instruments (harp, dulcimer, flute, drum kits, bass & much more)

Studio Musicians available for hire, upon request - violin, lead electric guitar, drums, bass, finger-picked acoustic guitar & more


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$50 per hour  (NZD)


$40 per hour   (NZD)

CHILD RATES (ages 13 & under)

$35 per hour   (NZD)

Mockingbird Music Studios

Papamoa Beach, Tauranga

Melissa Cox, engineer

027 834 4349


We're ready to help you reach your musical goals!


Ring Melissa at 027 834 4349 to chat about your project today

and to book time in our studio!

Thanks! Melissa will be in touch within 2 business days.

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